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Villa Monaco Las Moraditas Adeje

Villa Monaco

Las Moraditas Adeje

bedrooms 9 bathrooms 6

area 13,600 m2 Cinema, Disco, Gym

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Welcome to Tenerife Property Consultants

Tenerife Realty, an independent, family run, privately owned real estate agents based in Tenerife for 30 years.

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About Tenerife Property Consultants


Tenerife Property Consultants Real Estate Agents an independent, family run, privately owned real estate agents based here in Tenerife Canary Islands Spain for 23 years.

Here at Tenerife Property Consultants we work hard to offer a professional, attentive and personal service whether you are buying property or selling your own property.

We are dedicated to making your property purchase an enjoyable and problem free experience.

Our Agency ethos is entirely about customer service.

We provide a reliable, friendly and professional service where we guide our Clients through the entire process from beginning to end.

We never pressure a Client into buying a property.

*We never abandon a Client once they have purchased their property; once a client always a client and quite often a friend too.

Tenerife Property Consultants Values

*Our Agency has a no pressure policy.

*We are here to help you with every stage of buying a property in Tenerife, from the property search to the key in the door to our excellent after sales service.

*We are dedicated to providing clients with a transparent, professional, honest and trustworthy service and we always aim to provide the same level of service we as clients would expect to receive.

*We are totally focused on the search to find the right property for you.

*We will suggest a shortlist of the most suitable Tenerife properties which meet your requirements within your price range.

* We are dedicated to guaranteeing that your property purchase here in Tenerife is a satisfactory, happy and problem free experience.

*We listen to your requirements and will always be honest and professional with both Buyers and Sellers.

*We will not waste your time viewing properties which do not meet your criteria or budget. We take great pride in efficiency.

*We understand and listen to your search criteria.

*We respond promptly and swiftly to any questions you may have throughout the process.

*We use our many years of experience, local expertise and knowledge, local contacts and resources to provide our Clients with any assistance they may require.

*We will continually update you with progress reports at all stages of the purchase or sale.

*Buyers and Vendors of properties are of equal importance to our Agency and we act impartially for sellers and purchasers.

*We fully explain every stage of the purchase procedure to potential Buyers.

*We fully explain every stage of the purchase procedure to Sellers.

*We work with you to ensure that you have all the relevant information you need to assist you in making the best decisions for you.

*We fully explain the local purchase laws and regulations as well as the legal process when purchasing property.

*We fully explain the Spanish Compulsory taxes that must be paid when buying a property in Tenerife.

I have located the property in Tenerife I want to buy what now?

*We advise all our Clients that they should use the Services of an Abogado (Lawyer) in Tenerife for any property purchase.

*You can choose an Independent Abogado or we can recommend and introduce you to a Spanish English speaking licensed fully qualified lawyer who will oversee and guide you through the entire purchase process.

*Using an Abogado removes all worries and all stress from the property purchase process for a small fee.

*The Abogado will ensure you fully understand the purchase procedure as well as answering any questions you may have.

*It will be necessary for you to open a Spanish Bank Account at a Bank here in Tenerife. You can choose one of your own choice or we can recommend and introduce you to a Bank that we work closely with.

*The next step in the process is for both Buyer and Seller to sign a Private Sales Contract known as Contrato de Compra Venta.
Your Abogado usually prepares this Contract and ensures all parties are happy before signing.
The Contract will be written in both Spanish and English.

*It is standard procedure that the Buyer pays a 10% Deposit. This can be paid into your Lawyers Client Account. Our Agency NEVER asks to hold the deposit and always recommends that your Abogado holds it.

*You can now relax as your Appointed Abogado begins his work and commences the property purchase process.

*Your Abogado carries out a first search at the Land Registry on the Property you wish to buy.
The Land Registry provides a document known as a Nota Simple which contains full details about the Property including square meterage of both construction and plot, verification of the current Legal owner and whether there are any outstanding mortgages, debts or embargoes on this property.

* According to Spanish Law any existing and outstanding debts on a property belong to a property and not the Owner.
This means that any outstanding debts will be passed on to the new Owner.
This is one of the reasons we highly recommend that you should ALWAYS use an Abogado to oversee all property purchases.

*The Lawyer will verify that the Escritura Title Deeds accurately describes the property you are buying.

*Your Abogado will also arrange an N.I.E. Número De Identificación De Extranjeros.
This is an Identity Number for Non Spanish Born Persons.
The NIE is a requisite for a property purchase.

*Once the Abogado has completed all his searches and verifications a completion date agreeable to both Vendor and Buyer can be arranged.

*You will now arrange for the funds to be available in your Spanish Bank Account and it is standard procedure to request the Bank to arrange Certified Bankers Drafts to complete the purchase.

*The day of completion has arrived and you attend the Notary along with your Abogado, your Estate Agent and the Sellers to pay the monies, sign the New Escritura and complete the sale.
If the Vendors have an existing mortgage on this property then usually their Bank Manager will also attend the Notary to cancel the mortgage.
If you have arranged a mortgage to buy the property then your Bank Manager will also attend on your behalf to register your new mortgage.

*It is possible to arrange for the Buyers or Sellers Abogado to attend the Notary on their behalf if unable to attend in person.

*Notario The Notary registers the legal details of the property.

The Notary is an Independent Abogado appointed by the Spanish Government to strictly follow protocol and ensure that the change of the Title Deeds is carried out correctly.
The Notary ensures that the Vendor is legally permitted to sell.
The Notary also ensures that all the compulsory taxes are paid. Finally the Notary will record the change of Title Ownership at the Land Registry.

*Finally the funds are paid to the Sellers and you receive the keys.

*Congratulations you now own a home in Sunny Tenerife.

*Your Abogado or Estate Agent will now transfer the utilities, including Electric, Water, IBI (Rates), Basura (Refuse Collection), Community Fees into your name.

*Your Abogado or Estate Agent will also arrange for the direct debits for utilities to be taken from your Spanish Bank Account.

I have bought my property and am now the proud owner, what happens now?

After Sales Services

Tenerife Property Consultants are still here to help you and assist you with your day to day life here in Sunny Tenerife.

Once you have bought your home, we do not just leave you to it, unless you want us to!

Buying your Tenerife home is just the beginning of your relationship with us, you will receive a level of personal service that you will not find anywhere else.

*We supply a fantastic after sales service to assist you in day to day running of your property.

*We are happy to help you with the everyday management of your new home should you require.

*We are can accompany you to local shops to buy furnishings, furniture and electrical appliances. Should you return to your Home Country we can arrange and take delivery of your shopping items.

*We can recommend local tradesmen, plumbers, carpenters, builders, electricians, etc...

*We can advise and recommend house insurance and health insurance.

We are here to help with any issues that may arise and which you need assistance dealing with.

Our Agency is here to ensure that you make the best property investment when purchasing your dream home in Tenerife.

We provide the best possible care and guidance to make your transition into Canarian life as smooth as possible as we appreciate the value of a happy satisfied client.